Instagram Facts: Selfies without Glasses Earn More Followers

instagram-selfiePeople might want to say or claim that selfies are a somewhat narcissistic kind of portrait; however, the fact remains that it has gradually gained ground has is now the norm. The word “selfie” was named the word of the year in 2014 by Oxford Dictionary and at this time, over fifty million pictures on Instagram were tagged with the hash tag #selfie. Little wonder why the selfie and Instagram is now a big deal in the society today, particularly in the beauty trend setting. How this affects our beauty standards is an issue, considering the amount of plastic surgeries inspired by Instagram filters.

Glasses: Hot or Not?

There ratio of selfies with glasses to those without glasses that are uploaded on a daily basis is about 3 to 1. You have to reconsider your stance if you think glasses make you look smart and hot at the same time as Instagram has shown us otherwise. Plus we know that when looks are concerned, Instagram trends and opinions will definitely be considered by us. Personal Eyes specialists have noted that for aesthetic reasons rather than health reasons, more people are coming for correction and diopter removal. Some of the patients stated that they are going through the procedure just because it makes them look better in selfies. People have always wanted to get rid of their glasses because of the daily struggles which they encounter but it is looking like social media has finally given them the courage to take the step. Perhaps it is because those with the most followers are not users of glasses. Experts of Anxiety in the UK have discovered that users of social media are likely to negatively compare themselves to others and as a result of this, can put themselves through unpleasant behavioral changes.

The Growing Influence of Selfie-Confidence

A perfect selfie can help boost ones confidence and people often go the extra mile to filter their skin and hide imperfections with the aid of filters. The major problem occurs when they have to actually step out and do not have the power to filter their skin or walk around with a pout, insecurities begin to pop up and the need for change arises. As a matter of fact, it was discovered by the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that there was a proportionate increase in the demand of facial plastic surgery with the rise of the “selfie” trend. This might be because their looks are highlighted by selfies and the filters on social media help them get in touch with their potential appearance. Yet, there are Instagram-stressors that are consciously shaking up the self-confidence of a whole generation and they are the fitness selfies. Perhaps, the selfies taken in the gym aids or prompts people to take up fitness activities and workouts. It is surprising to know that the outcomes are not quite what were expected. A study showed that gym selfies only goes further to compound the problems of people already too self conscious about their looks. So, we can say thanks but no thanks to Adriana Lima.

Another fact is that it is a social network; a very important network, but it nothing more than that. Therefore, if you wish to inject lip fillers or get rid of your glasses, do it because you want or desire it and not because it is an Instagram trend because those trends might swing the other way at anytime.