How does making $20K, $50K or $100K a month, with 14 weeks of vacation sound?

If you’re ready to reach this kind of revenue (going from six to multiple six, and eventually seven figures), it’s likely going to require a dramatic increase in your leads, clients and customers.

That means turning up the volume on your marketing to be omnipresent – the kind of marketing that makes it seem like you’re everywhere, also making you look like an expert in the marketplace.

Yes, I know you’re probably already maxxed out and likely overwhelmed, wondering how you could possibly create enough content, hire enough people, or put yourself out there consistently to really ramp up your marketing like this.

Sounds like a lot more work you already don’t have time for, yes?

The good news is, you don’t have to be the one to do all the marketing work. And

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You’re probably someone who comes up with a million ideas, yes? We entrepreneurs are what I call “high-idea generators”.

We love to dream about what could be, new ways of thinking about things and how to help people. You too?

The minutiae? Not so much.

Dealing with numbers and tiny details doesn’t feel as exciting. Measurements. Indicators. Spreadsheets. Schedules. Deadlines. Systems? They’re not that compelling, and so we tend to not put our focus there as much. We’d rather make money or talk to someone.

Here’s the thing, though. What got you “here” (overwhelmed, kinda winging it, not growing as quickly as you’d like and not necessarily knowing the details) won’t get you “there”, whether that’s 50K a month or even 100K a month, with many weeks of unplugged vacations per year.

If you truly want to grow both your earnings and your down time (like these women), a transformative

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Business InnovationThe Journal of Innovation in Enterprise and Economics (JIBE) is published by the Department of Economics and Business at College of Muhammadiyah Malang in 2017. Course of administration and improvement – adopting a process perspective to innovation helps organizations manage and determine areas for enchancment allowing the design of particular methods and initiatives to improve the whole innovation worth chain over time. Innovation as a process may be divided into three phases of: first is Thought generation to conceptualization, second growth and verification and third commercialization. Sub-course of steps for each of those three core innovation processes needs to be mapped out, managed and efficiency measured making a mechanism to construct the general innovation capabilities of the group and help the achievement of innovation goals defined prior.

What are some ways that companies can use motivation in innovation exterior of lip service that’s often written in an organization pamphlet? There’s …

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Business ServicesThere’s the favored false impression that security firms solely provide private security and that the business dictates driving round in a safety car guaranteeing everyone is protected and every part is safe. Johnson, alongside together with her brother Charles, led the company on a path to resurgence by taking part in Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Companies workshops and seminars, where she would develop an overarching strategy to put JSB back on a development trajectory. Part of this strategy was going after larger contracts that offered security for construction corporations, which meant going up against a lot larger firms. Although her firm could not compete with the scale and resources of her rivals, Johnson realized that her safety agency had decades of experience over them—a bonus that proved to be a helpful bargaining chip at the negotiating table.

Adam Smith ‘s e book The Wealth of Nations, revealed in Great Britain …

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If you are looking for a business idea, you can try to start a business in agriculture considering the potential is still quite large. Current crop cultivation trends are often discussed and are moving in a positive direction. In addition, you can also try an agricultural business that is related to the primary needs of the community.

Cultivation of ornamental plants

Ornamental plants have become a trend in recent months. This opportunity can be a profitable agricultural business idea. In addition, ornamental plants can also be a market opportunity for weddings, graduations, birthdays and others.

Hydroponic plants

If you don’t have a large area of ​​land, you can start to try hydroponic plant business. With the hydroponic farming method, you also don’t need planting media from the ground. This can be your opportunity by looking at the lifestyle of urban residents who are starting to switch to a healthy lifestyle.…

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