Running from Fear and Radical Compassion

You’ll love this soulful interview with Thad Cummings founder of the Changing Company and author of the books Running from Fear and Radical Compassion. We discuss his healing journey and how he saw the gift in losing it all. We went deep into how to diminish polarization at work and in our communities. Listen here:

Thad Cummings is the author of Running from Fear and Radical Compassion. After spending a decade running social enterprises and a non-profit, Thad’s world collapsed when he became ill and lost everything. After years of diving into physical and mental healing, he has pursued a new dream in the founding of Changing Company. Now, Thad shares his passion for bringing new conversations to the table where all voices are heard, barriers are broken, and the polarization of our community is diminished.

If you let the mistakes of the

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Movement as a Metaphor for Life with Guest Courtenay Turner

My guest on The Sheri Kaye Hoff Show, Courtenay Turner, is an overcomer with a powerful and inspiring story. We discuss her against-all-odds achievements, plus the differing aspects of movement as a metaphor for life and its contribution to joy, happiness, and creativity. Listen Here or Download

Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon, “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. On her podcast, she boldly seeks truth, diving into topics surrounding health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. Courtenay was born with congenital rubella. Her mother had German measles during the first trimester of pregnancy. They told her mother the best she could hope was to find a nice institution for her daughter to spend her life in.

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We women business owners are often moms first.

It can be easy to doubt whether we can pursue our big business dreams AND be a super present mom with our family…or if we’ll ever be good enough at either one.

(The messages we receive from the world about having BOTH aren’t usually very supportive.)

If you’re a mom, you too are probably wondering “Is it really possible to build the business of your dreams, grow to multiple six (even seven) figures, AND have the time and energy to be a great mom with a full family life?” 

YES. Not only have I done it (I have 3 kids), I have also guided hundreds of fellow mompreneurs to scale to six and seven figures – with their lives back.

Today, be inspired by Rachel, a Boldheart whose four kids are a huge part of her “big why”:

As Rachel

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Taking Charge of Your Body and Your Health

My guest Eva Vennari is an expert at taking charge of your body and your health. We had a little blooper in the middle of the episode and decided to leave it in because it relates to healthy boundaries. When you get to it, you can laugh along with us. We dive into:

The role boundaries play in chronic illness.
The essential love of self.
The progression of mastering what you struggle with. Listen Here:


Eva Vennari is the founder and CEO of The Elevate Institute, a cutting-edge health practitioner firm specializing in empowering driven professionals to take charge of their body and their health. She is the Creator of REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive. It is a holistic process that lets you understand exactly what your body needs to heal and rejuvenate so you can continue bringing your talent to the

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Do you believe in signs?

Meaning, have you ever ‘gotten a sign’ that you should work with someone, read a book, visit a new place, take a class, or buy something because it keeps showing up?

Perhaps you heard about this person, place or thing three times? From three different sources? And that’s what made it feel like destiny?

Most importantly, what would happen to your business if you could switch your marketing so your ideal clients said, “Where did SHE come from??” about you!

Well, to leverage your presence in the marketplace to where you can grow exponentially to multiple six or seven figures, you yourself need to become so visible that people hear about you multiple times and therefore feel like it’s destiny to work with you – even if they’d never heard of you before!

Before you get overwhelmed about the idea of being THAT visible, know

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