Why isn’t the needle moving in your business, no matter how hard you work?

You’re working harder than ever, but you keep feeling like you’re not making as much money as you should – or that you haven’t grown as quickly as you would like.

You’ve put in long evenings at the computer after dinner, years of perseverance, many sleepless nights…but have yet to take a “real” vacation (without bringing your laptop to check in).

Deep down, you know that these loooong hours aren’t sustainable.

With all of the time and energy you’ve invested, shouldn’t you be further along by now? 

Privately, you sometimes wonder if this whole “being self-employed” thing is really worth the effort.

Of course you’re feeling impatient – because success isn’t coming fast enough.

business woman scratching her head

If this is you, please know that this is normal.

Many entrepreneurs get stuck, feel out of control, never have any

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At this moment, somewhere on the planet, there are hundreds – even thousands – of people or organizations that could use what you have to offer.

They have a problem that you can solve.

They need you. Badly.

And if I’m being honest with you, there is a bigger problem here.

All these people need you, but if you’re still doing business the way you have been, you’re likely too “small” to be able to help all of them.

Here’s what I mean: if you are still working one-to-one, doing everything yourself (i.e., keeping your business model the same as when you started), you are depriving countless people of your solutions.

Handholding each client, working hours-for-dollars and doing most everything yourself simply isn’t going to help more people. At the same time, it will keep you stuck at the same level for years, without growing your business, your earnings

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Having to continually fill the pipeline with new clients can be a big time waster when you’re already so busy.

All the marketing, the sales, the list building and continual search for the next client.

You’re already overwhelmed. What if there was another way to grow your earnings, without having to work so hard to sign up new clients?

What if you could leverage your existing client relationships and keep them much longer?

Have you noticed that when some clients complete a project or a program, they simply…leave?

And once they leave, they don’t often return?

What if you could keep your clients for 5 years, 7 years, even more? What if that was a win-win for them and for you?

If this feels like something that would be a relief, I lovingly suggest you take a step back and ask yourself what more you could be offering your clients

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There is a Comparison Monster (alive and well in all business owners) that keeps them from growing further.

Have you ever heard the term, “Compare and despair”?

It’s a good reminder that it can be destructive to compare ourselves to others because it can often lead to negative feelings of defeat (especially if we look at someone’s highlight reel on social media, or their great results, on a day when we’re feeling down).

There’s another, better way to look at comparison for us entrepreneurs…one that can lead to growth, new ideas and much bigger revenues, especially when we’re trying to go to the next level in our business. Here it is:

When we have big goals, like reaching 10X the clients, a global presence, or a million in revenue, it helps to find those who have achieved these big goals…even outside our own industry.

This is when we shift our

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Your clients are bored.

I don’t mean with you, per se, they’re just generally under-wowed in most areas of their life.

It’s just that too many businesses are “transactional” in how they work with their clients and customers. And then they wonder why clients don’t stay longer.

But what if you were to elevate your “client experience” and really wow them? What if working with your company was an unforgettable experience?

What if they got their needs met with you, in a way that they don’t anywhere else?

Do you think they would stay longer? Do you believe they would refer more often?

The answer is YES.

So, how do you elevate your clients’ experience and keep clients much longer? Be strategic about wow-ing them.

In our signature program, I take you through a process that practically guarantees that your business grows with little effort by creating memorable, impactful

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