New CompanyWhen the proposed merger was introduced, the companies indicated that CSC’s Mike Lawrie would turn out to be chairman, president and CEO of the combined company and that HPE’s president and CEO Meg Whitman would be a part of the new firm’s board. The remaining board appointments were to be cut up equally between nominees of HPE and current members of CSC’s board.

Yes, the corporate remains to be required to submit the Form C-S/ C to IRAS by the submitting due date until the company has been granted waiver to submit the corporate income tax return. Your company is still required to file the YA 2016 Form C-S/ C to IRAS by the filing due date of 30 Nov 2016 or 15 Dec 2016 if e-filing, however that it had earlier submitted the YA 2016 ECI to IRAS because the ECI submitted is an estimate.

The ÔéČone hundred,000 investment …

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