There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire.

In all my years spent in the company of countless other highly successful entrepreneurs or helping 6-figure entrepreneurs to grow and earn so much more, it has never happened without a team in place. A trusted team.

In fact, I believe it’s impossible to sustainably grow without a team you trust implicitly. There’s no way around it: you need help to have a self-managing business. The right help.

A team you trust gives you the ability to let go. At first, little by little, then, almost completely, so you can focus on more important activities.

Problem is, most women in business are not taught how to do this, and so they end up inadequately supported in their business.

Through no fault of their own, many business owners use a faulty hiring process, which leads to a lack of trust in

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I know you have a million things on your plate and you’re trying so hard to get it all done.

And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re doing too much, wondering why “it” (the growth, the increased earnings, the control you seek in your business) is not happening fast enough.

Here’s the thing I’ve witnessed in coaching thousands of self-employed women at 6 figures:

If you keep up with this pace, you’re eventually going to burn out OR give up. It’s just not sustainable, is it? (You know this deep inside, but maybe you haven’t had too many moments of calm to actually really think about it.)

Listen, if you want to have your weekends and evenings back, if you want to be financially self-sufficient for the rest of your life, and if you want a business that works FOR you…you’re going to have to stop doing EVERYTHING.


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Work From HomeMy objective is to indicate those who want to work from residence how you can do it with out falling and to all the failure traps that exists. The first thing that you should understand is that you can be in business. Some are below the delusion that they will take part in some Internet scheme and be earning profits within days or even weeks and even minutes. Because of this disillusionment, they are grabbed in the snare of the Internet guru or rip-off artist. They find yourself losing lots of and thousands of dollars.

The people who make millions have been within the enterprise for years, they only don’t tell you that. I’ve been doing it now for about three years and make respectable cash… Guess what I still work my regular job. I need all the cash I can get no cause to stop my normal job…… I’m …

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OK, so you know you want to scale your business, earn more and have more time off, but your clients think they need you, and only you.

In fact, you are not sure they can get results without you being the one to deliver the work, yes?

So, what do you do?

You started your business by working directly with individual clients because you love having a personal connection with each of them.

But if you want to scale exponentially to serve more people (perhaps reach multiple 6 figures or even 7 figures, with your freedom back), there will come a time when you have to serve many more people – hundreds – to earn much more.

That means you just can’t spend the same amount of time with everyone. And that makes you nervous because you’re afraid they won’t want “it” if it doesn’t include your personal touch.

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The uncomfortable truth about scaling your business to multiple 6 figures (even 7 figures) is that it requires a ‘multiplied’ approach to your marketing.

Ok, you may know this already, but you’ve also had many of these thoughts, yes?

“I stink at marketing! I wish I didn’t have to do any of it.” 

“I don’t know the first thing about getting the word out there in a ‘10x’ way.”

“How am I going to do more marketing? I just don’t have time!”

“I’m not meant to be a marketer, I want to do what I’m good at – not this.”
“Good marketing seems so inauthentic, even sleazy. I don’t want to be like that, even if it means having more clients.” 

I get it. I used to feel that way too. Until I approached marketing with a new mindset…and now I love it.

Listen, you are not alone. You’re like

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