3 Creative Uses For Filing Cabinets

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In an increasingly paperless world, some people may find that they have filing cabinets that they no longer need. Or, they may only need to use one or two drawers while the rest of it stands empty. Instead of throwing away a perfectly good item, it is possible to repurpose it into something useful.

1. Planters

With a little paint and creativity, filing cabinets of any size can be converted into decorative planters. Cabinets can be used as a vertical garden by standing upright and having the drawers opened in a stair-step pattern. Turning filing cabinets on their backs and removing the drawers can provide one large planting station and multiple smaller planter pots. Anyone who wants to try the idea and does not have a suitable item can look into used office file cabinets.

2. Tables

While it may take some work, turning a filing cabinet into a table can be a great way to add an interesting piece of useful furniture to a room. Depending on the type of table being created, tools to drill holes for the legs and painting supplies will be needed. Unique end tables, nightstands and coffee tables can all add a fun touch to a room while breathing new life into an old item.

3. Storage Space

Filing cabinets were designed to hold paper, but that does not mean that other things cannot be stored in the drawers. Old electronic equipment, gardening supplies, toys and craft supplies can all be kept tidy and organized in an old filing cabinet. If the cabinet is large enough, sports equipment, camping supplies or holiday decorations may also benefit from being stored in a cabinet.

Repurposing items can be a lot of fun for people who enjoy working with their hands and creating things. Tackling filing cabinets and turning them into new items can be an extremely rewarding process that results in a conversation piece.

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