Different Types of Roofers and How to Find Them

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A roofer is a construction worker who is an expert in building roofs in your homes. There are roofing contractors that take the contracts and roofing carpenters that do the construction work. When it comes to roofers there are many types of roofers based on their services and nature of work. In this article, the various types of roofers are discussed and where you could find them and know which roofer to hire.


The name of this type of roofer’s quiet explains that they are responsible for installing shingles. They also install tiles, shakes and other various types of materials on your roof. They nail these materials to your roof. They are a very common type of roofers and very popular for their work.

Metal roofers

This type of roofers installs metal planes in the roofs. They can install metal roofers in both residential and commercial building. They are more in demand for commercial buildings. There are many types of metals that they will give you option to choose from for installing on your roof.

Flat roofers

Another common name for this type of roofers is single-ply roofers. They are responsible for installing single-ply or foam roofs on your home. They can do it on both the commercial and residential building.

Hot roofers

This type of roofers installs a roof on your home using tar-based products. The tar they use is called hot tar made from three or more piles of waterproof material altered. Hot roofers are commonly given the contract in places where the temperature is low.

Commercial roofers

These types of roofers only work on commercial buildings. They usually are more experienced than residential roofers and they work in large teams. They are very skilled at their job and their charges are comparatively higher than residential roofers. It might take a longer time to install the roofs in commercial buildings due to the high volumes. There is heavy machinery involved which makes the job risky. Commercial roofs are flat and slightly tilted making it more difficult to install commercial roofs.

Residential roofers

They are the type of roofers that installs roof only on commercial buildings. There are also two types of residential roofers. One installs roofs on houses while the other does on private properties. They are quite skilled at their job.

How to find them

The type of roofers that you need can be found easily by an internet search. For example, if you need commercial roofing colorado springs co you can search online to get many search results. Change the type of roofing and your location to get more relevant results in your area.

How to select the best one

You can check the ratings they got and also their reviews. Take the number of few of them and get the quotes. Ask them any questions that you have in mind. Finally, you can shortlist two or three of them and meet them to decide which one you like best.

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