Preventing Common Issues In Your Storage Unit

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Items in your home might begin to overwhelm the space that you have. If you need somewhere to put your belongings until you have other ways to store them or if you need a space for when you’re moving to a new home, then consider renting any self storage units wichita ks. After renting the unit, there are a few ways that you can make the most out of the space that you have so that all of your belongings fit inside.


When you put items inside a storage unit, you might be concerned about pests that could get inside. These include small bugs, mice, and spiders. Put a few bait traps in the corners of the unit in case there are any pests inside that you don’t know about. Canvas cloth can be put on the floor before you begin moving boxes and other items inside. You could also put pallets on the floor to raise everything up just a bit. Try to put as many items as possible inside plastic boxes instead of those that are made of cardboard. This can help to keep out as many pests as possible.

Damp Conditions

If your unit isn’t climate-controlled, then you might discover moisture on some of your belongings when you begin getting them out of the unit. Cardboard boxes are usually notorious for retaining any kind of moisture. If there is moisture in the unit, then it likely won’t go away, which can mean the development of mold and mildew. An option is to put baking soda or charcoal in a pan that you then place in the center of the unit. This will help to draw in the moisture in the unit and keep it from settling on your belongings. Clean all of the appliances that you store so that there is no lingering moisture in them, such as a refrigerator or a freezer.

Dirty Conditions

Dust tends to settle on items that aren’t moved for some period of time. Cover items that are in the storage unit with plastic or cloth. This can keep dust from settling on boxes and furnishings. Mattress bags are a good option as well as fitted sheets that you can stretch around mattresses and box springs that are stored. Furniture polish can help to repel dust as well. If you’re storing items that have metallic surfaces or pieces, then consider using some type of lubricant on them as dust will have a harder time settling on the surface since it’s slippery.


Sometimes, you might pack your storage unit only to discover that you left a box sitting at an angle or a piece of furniture tilted in a way that causes it to fall over. You can prevent damage in your unit by ensuring that heavier boxes are put at the bottom of stacks. Avoid stacking items too high so that they don’t topple over. Use bubble wrap for delicate items to offer added protection along with wrapping dishes and similar items in old newspaper or plastic bags.

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