The secret to reaching bigger goals

When you started out as an entrepreneur, it was “All hands on deck!” to get your first clients.

You probably didn’t really have fancy “marketing plans with benchmarks” to reach a certain revenue goal. It was probably more an energy related to “urgency to make money asap!”

Now though, you have more clients, you’re making more money, you have bigger expenses and it’s time to get really strategic about reaching bigger revenue goals.

The fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, pray-it-will-all-work-out approach is (or should be) a thing of the past.

You’ve graduated to being inspired by an idea, envisioning how it can change your clients’ lives, setting major goals, brainstorming solutions, taking big risks and going for it…YES!

Then there’s that other stuff that’s not so fun:

KPI’s, targets, goals, data and numbers. If you’re like most of us, this isn’t really your forte; in fact it can bring up a lot of resistance (I mean, you started your business to have freedom, right?).

You don’t have time (or the desire) to go into all of those details – you just want the top line summary, yes? (I can relate!)

But if you want to grow your business to (and maintain) seven figures in revenues with your life back, as we guide women to do in our signature program, at some point you will have to get used to looking at the numbers side of your business.

The trick to actually tracking your numbers and reaching your stated benchmarks is to keep the whole process really simple and focus on what’s on the other side of any resistance you might be feeling in doing so: reaching those big impact and revenue goals.

woman in business clothing climbing an obstacle course wall

Why are KPI’s and benchmarks so important for growing your business to a million or more a year?

Well, I want you to imagine that you’re driving at night. What would happen if you didn’t have your headlights on? You wouldn’t be able to see where you’re going.

If there was an obstacle in the road, you wouldn’t be able to swerve around it and course correct.

Predicting negative outcomes on the road requires headlights that shine out further than where you are right here, right now. The same is needed for your business.

The headlights on your car are like the data in your business – it’s what predicts future outcomes…and at your stage of business, this is very important (even if it hasn’t come naturally to you yet.)

Data gives you the important signs that help you avoid the obstacles before they happen.

And what successful women business owners do (those who scale their businesses to a million, like these women) is use simple tools to measure the right things to then course correct in real time.

You do not need to measure everything in your business, just a few things to help you reach your destination.

You see, when you begin to look at your data, you’re not looking for just any metrics. And you don’t need a lot of metrics. You just need the right three to five metrics that carry all the power…and you get to decide what those are.

Once a woman in business has the right set of metrics to follow, and she checks these metrics weekly, it’s much easier and more predictable to reach her year-end revenue goals.

=> If you were driving at night and you were looking at the dashboard, what would you need to see to feel safe in reaching your destination?

=> What can you measure now that will give you insight into the future of your business, into you reaching your goals?

=> What’s most important for you to know to pivot if you need to, now, now 6 months down the line?

It really is that simple. (We can help you with this, if you’re not sure what to look for. Let’s chat.)

By starting with the ideal outcome (your big stretch goals), and reverse-engineering your most important benchmarks on a monthly and then weekly basis, you will get to your stated goal, just as you expected.

That’s how you predictably get your business to multiple 6-figures and eventually 7-figures.

Above all, if you keep it simple you will see your resistance to tracking things disappear and you may even begin to enjoy the science of it all…especially when it begins to pay off.

What do you think?

Not sure what you should be measuring in your business? Want to dig deeper into how this applies to you and how you too can grow to 20K, 50K, or 100K a month or more, with your evenings, weekends and freedom back?

This is what we help women business owners do, every single day. And it’s why they blow past any upper limit problems they’ve had in the past and reach their big revenue goals.

You’re probably ready – and have been ready for some time – to finally break through to a new level in your business. I invite you to book a free exploratory call with one of my wonderful Strategy Coaches. We are standing by to get to know you, hear about your business, talk about what’s going on for you and help you map out a plan to reach bigger goals with greater ease (and more fun along the way).

This exploratory call is completely free. No strings attached. We want to give you value (and a real plan) up front, to show you what’s possible when you start thinking about and doing things differently.

And if it feels right, perhaps you’ll join us in the program at some point and grow your business exponentially from a heart-centered place, the way our members do.

If a planning session with someone who understands feels like a right next step, by all means go ahead, book a time for us to talk now, for free (now, not later).

Let’s break through together,
Fabienne Fredrickson
Author of the book The Leveraged Business
Founder of Boldheart Business

P.S. Just to be clear, there is no charge for this call, it’s our way of getting to know you better, and our way to provide “results in advance”, so you can feel trust with us. Trust is important to us, as I’m sure it is to you.

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