Financial Loss As A Business: Steps To Recovery

Experiencing financial loss as a business, whether a quick loss through something like a scam, or a gradual decline over months or even years, can be very overwhelming and stressful. However, the worst thing you can do is to simply accept defeat and let it continue to get worse. Instead, there are some steps you can take to help you move towards recovery and to get your business back to a stronger financial position again. We’re here to cover a few of those steps today!

Conduct A Thorough Analysis Of The Loss

Financial loss is a very broad area and every business who has experienced it will likely have gotten there through a different way. So, you need to spend time identifying exactly where the loss has come from and how to navigate it moving forwards. Here are a few examples of things you should review:


Did insufficient insurance cover lead to the financial loss? If you only have the bare minimum cover currently for your business, you should work with an insurance broker in your industry to help you get more thorough cover, as this could literally be what saves your business one day. From credit insurance to public liability and key person insurance, review the protection you have in place.

User Intent Decline

Consumer and client needs are constantly changing, so although your product or service may have previously thrived and been exactly what was wanted at that moment, things change and you need to evolve with the change in user intent. So, think about what else can be done, such as expanding your product or service offering, providing an updated experience for your customers (e.g. an app perhaps) or also trying different marketing methods to reach new audiences.

Less Repeat Purchases

If your business is losing money as a result of less repeat purchases than you previously had, this suggests that your brand strength needs work. Work with a branding agency who can review your brand and position in the market currently and then help you to create a consistent brand that people believe in across your platforms.


For businesses that have suffered loss as a result of a scam, you need to review your cyber security. From bank scams through to stolen information through malicious software, conduct a thorough review of your cyber security and make sure you have the latest best practices in place. All new and current employees should also have cyber security training to know how to protect themselves and the business from avoidable financial loss.

Speak To Your Bank

Something else you can do when you’ve experienced financial loss is to speak to your bank. They can help in many different ways, providing financial advisors to help you navigate the loss you’re experiencing. If the loss is related to a scam, they may be able to help you recover the money (or failing that, get in touch with investment fraud lawyers). If you’ve seen a general decline, then bank loans to invest in new services and products could be what you need.

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