The Two Best Car Wash Business Tips

When starting any type of business, it is good to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Not everyone has the time to do in-depth research, which is why this article is here! Take a look at these few basic tips to make sure that your car wash runs smoothly!

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One of the most important things to consider when starting any business, especially a car wash, is how much you plan on charging for your service. While, as a business owner, you could pick whatever price pops into your head, this is not the best business plan. Firstly, businesses should figure out how much it costs to provide a car wash (the price of the soap, chemicals, water, etc.) Once this is figured out, the business owner knows they need to charge at least more than that to make a profit.

The next thing to keep in mind is how much the average car wash cost in your area is. In big cities, someone might pay upwards of $20 for a car wash, but in rural areas, anything higher than $5 might seem too expensive. So, do your research. Find out what your customers are willing to pay. Once you find the sweet spot of what customers are willing to pay and what you can charge to make a profit, you’ll be rolling in the dough!


Getting a business up and running might seem like the hardest part of running a business, but keeping it running can be just as challenging. Keeping up with car wash maintenance by making sure you always have enough chemicals, soaps, and other necessary products on hand is key! Without maintaining your supplies, you cannot successfully run a business. If you need to close your business for a day because you don’t have enough soap, then that’s a day without profits!

Keep these tips in mind to keep your car wash running smoothly. Once you find the right price to charge and remember to order more buffing wax, your car wash is sure to bring in customers with ease.

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