Birthday Cakes Can Be Used As New Business Ideas

The birthday cakes business has opportunities that are still wide open. Running this business also has the potential to bring you substantial profits. The reason is because the need for a birthday cake will always be high and does not know a particular trend or day. Especially if you have unique and beautiful cake decorating skills, then the potential for this business will be even greater for you.

This business opportunity is indeed very promising. Even so, as a beginner it is required to know how to run it. Here are some ways to develop a birthday cake business:

Plan carefully and create a business plan

Careful planning is always needed before starting any business, including a birthday cake business. Careful planning is useful for anticipating all obstacles or obstacles that will be faced when running this business. In addition, a mature plan will also help give you an idea of what is still lacking or needs to be prepared again in the business.
You can make a simple business plan so that business planning can be done in more detail. At least, there are several things that you should include in your business plan:
a. Market and competitor research
b. Create a business profile that you own
c. Set business goals
d. Write and explain in full all the materials and equipment you need
e. Break down capital details
f. Determine the target market
g. Create a marketing strategy

Prepare the Required Capital

Capital is also needed to run this birthday cake business. This capital must be prepared to buy cake equipment and ingredients, such as eggs, flour, butter and so on. Make sure the cake ingredients purchased are of high quality so that the cake produced is also of high quality.

Setting Competitive Prices

Next you have to determine the selling price of the birthday cake. In determining the price, can not be done haphazardly. This is because if the birthday cake is sold for cheaper than the market price, you can lose because the capital spent is not in accordance with the price.
Conversely, if it is too expensive, people are reluctant to buy your homemade birthday cake. Therefore, try to determine competitive prices so that you get a profit and the price is light for the buyer. Pricing can be done using the margin pricing formula.

Success and failure in running a business depends on how you do marketing and promotion. You can do promotions by giving attractive offers so that buyers are interested. You can do promotions offline or online.
If you make this birthday cake business with an offline system that has a special place such as a shop, then the promotion can combine the offline system in the form of brochures, billboards, banners with online promotions on social media. However, if you create this business in a home system, then promotion using social media will be very suitable for this business. You can also take advantage of the presence of Go-food and Grabfood to promote cakes that are sold.

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