Cutting the Cost of Building an Office

If you’re starting your own business, the expenses pile up quickly. From rent to salaries, benefits to supplies, everything has a price tag. Until the revenue begins to flow, it’s important to stay cost-conscious whenever you can. Fortunately, little moves like purchasing used office file cabinets, can add up to big savings.

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Equipment Leasing

Office equipment like printers, copiers, and networked computers, can be one of the biggest outlays of cash a new business has to deal with. Rather than purchasing these items outright, racking up debt on a company credit card, or financing them through a vendor, equipment leasing is an attractive option for many companies. This arrangement allows you to pay smaller installments over longer periods. The leasing company owns the equipment during the term, but in many cases, you will own it at the end. In the meantime, they will handle maintenance.

Used Furniture

Who can really tell the difference between used office file cabinets and new ones? Or used lobby sofas, desk chairs or conference room tables? Used furniture sales is a big business, and you might be surprised to see the quality of items that are available at a deep discount just because they’re previously owned. Used office file cabinets, sofas, tables and chairs are a great cost-saving maneuver.

Shared Space

Lastly, if you can enter a lease with another company, preferably one in the same industry, you can save a fortune. There are various ways to structure the arrangement, but if you can split or divide the costs of utilities, maintenance, rent, and IT contracts, you’ll put lots of capital back in your pocket.

Small businesses face big bills, but there are some easy ways to cut corners. Use these tips to avoid breaking the bank when you’re just getting started, and they’ll pay big dividends in the long run.

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